Emergency Service Unit

The Emergency Service Unit is an informal division within the Point Boro Emergency Medical Service that provides specialized rescue services.  The Emergency Services Unit is under the command of ESU Lieutenant Andrew J. Christensen with support from the ESU Foreman. The squad has provided rescue services in various forms since its inception, however, in 2013 the title of Emergency Service Unit was born, and more focused and specialized training became a goal.

Rescue Specialties and Training

The Emergency Service Unit provides vehicle and transportation extrication and rescue as well as operates as a part of the Point Pleasant Fire Department Water Rescue Unit/Dive Team. ESU  handles or assists in the following types of rescues.

  • Vehicle and Transportation Extrication and Rescue
  • Rope and High Angle Rescue
  • Trench and Excavation Rescue
  • Building Collapse and Rescue
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Water and Ice Rescue

Members of the squad who participate in the ESU undergo many hours of intense training at local training centers. ESU drills at least twice a month, with additional training courses and programs held throughout the year.

2019 ESU Officers:

  • ESU Lieutenant: Andrew Christensen
  • 1st Foreman: ThomasAlexander
  • 2nd Foreman: Peter Beringer
  • 3rd Foreman: Gina Brewer
  • Training Officer: Sean Ward
  • Safety Officer: Steve Schwarz