Cadet Program

Cadets are students in high school ranging in age from 16-18.  The cadet program is designed for students interested in the emergency medical services or the medical field in general.

Cadets are able to respond to calls and ride on the ambulance.  The cadet will be directed by the crew chief on all calls.  If the crew chief feels a cadet should not witness certain calls, the cadet will remain at the building or be taken back to the building by a member on scene.  Cadets will also have the opportunity to attend drills with extrication team members and learn how to operate the Jaws of Life, spreaders, air bags and other rescue tools and how to use learned techniques. 

Members of the Cadet Squad will have the opportunity to become CPR certified as well as be eligible to attend the 180hr Emergency Medical Technician Academy.

Cadets are able to attend squad meetings and drills as well as attend cadet drills.  Cadets are also allowed to attend squad stand-by calls such as football games, community park events, triathlon races and any other stand-by the squad is requested to attend. 

The Cadet Squad as of 2010 has a system of rank including Captain, Lieutenant, and President. Each position holds responsibilities and challenges. Cadets elected to these positions were voted on by their peers.

Students interested in becoming apart of the Cadet program should go to the Join section of the website and complete the supplied application.