About Squad 35

Point Boro First Aid Squad has been serving the Jersey Shore since 1968. Point Boro EMS is a non-profit, volunteer organization that depends largely on fundraising and voluntary contributions from the citizens and governing body of Point Pleasant Boro. Squad operations are under the command of Chief Andrew J. Welsh assisted by the squad’s line officers.

The squad covers an area of 4.1 square miles and answers about 1500 emergency calls per year. Point Boro First Aid provides mutual aid assistance for municipalities of Point Pleasant Beach, Bay Head, Mantoloking Brick Township and Lakewood Township when needed.

Point Pleasant is a resort community in which the population can triple in the three-month period during the summer.  Point Pleasant is surrounded by water on three sides; the Barnegat Bay, Metedeconk River and Beaver Dam Creek.  On the east side of town is the borough of Point Pleasant Beach, which borders the Atlantic Ocean on its east end.

Squad 35 responds to all medical emergencies within Point Pleasant Borough, as well as performing extrication and rescue at the scene of motor vehicle accidents and structure fires. At structure fires, Squad 35 provide rehabilitation to firefighters and ensure the well-being and safety of responders and victims on the scene.

Point Boro First Aid operates 3 ambulances.  Two ambulances are utilized for daily operations and are rotated on a monthly basis. One Special Operations Ambulance contains 2 stretchers and is used for calls such as motor vehicle accidents, fires, or any other incident that may require transport of multiple patients.

For motor vehicle accidents, Squad 35 has a rescue truck.  The rescue truck has everything needed to remove a victim from a motor vehicle.  The squad also has a Ford F-450 pick-up which is used for a variety of reasons.  It is used for plowing snow, additional member transport, and can provide light extrication.  It is also used as a support unit for extrication at motor vehicle accidents or at any other rescue.

Additionally, Squad 35 operates a Fire Rehab / Mass Casualty Incident trailer in cooperation with the Point Pleasant Office of Emergency Management, and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) as well as a EMS Bike Team.

Squad 35’s Emergency Service Unit has now partnered with Point Pleasant Fire Co # 75 to provide a joint water rescue team. All specialized services the squad provides falls under the Emergency Service Unit which is overseen by ESU Lieutenant Thomas R. Alexander.